Men vs. Women in Communication

We all have different styles of communication, developed by various influences, including our:

While no one style is better than another, men and women generally talk differently with varying degrees of male/female speech characteristics. The styles have been described as "relate vs. debate," "competitive vs. cooperative" and "report vs. rapport."

Understanding gender differences in business communication creates a more productive workplace, definitely builds rapport and helps avoid costly misinterpretations.

Logic vs. Intuition

When communicating, the split between "male logic" and "female intuition" is a debate as old as language itself. Since men and women are motivated by different factors and have different needs, they simply do not understand each other. It's not about being "equal" -- men and women just choose different ways to process and convey information.

Generally speaking, we find the following to be true:

Key Differences

There are a number of great books that assess the differences in communication styles based upon gender and personal relationships. Tuning in to these differences can reinforce successful business relationships, regardless of gender. Following are some of the most widely recognized differences:

The more aware you are to gender differences in communication styles, the more successful you will be in your own communication ... and in all aspects of your life!